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Car Insurance : Performance Characteristics

In addition to the basic services, you can extend insurance to special additional features. Whether it's useful or not, can be in the least cases say flat, but depends on the individual situation. An overview of the most important additional features:

Increased coverage: a certain fee, many insurers in the event pay a higher maximum. High coverage levels are standard, but many providers and should be  considered when the car insurance comparison.
New price compensation: Instead of the replacement value you get reimbursed in the case of a vehicle the new price – this is worth especially for new vehicles.

Safe-conduct: When a breakdown of safe-conduct covers costs such as towing, car rental and accommodation. Often, it is included in the regular car insurance.
Gross negligence: A waiver can save on premiums, but it is much safer to insure with gross negligence - about accidents by driving over a red light.

Workshop binding: The limitation on partner workshops also saves posts, should be accepted only if the network is large enough. Here is a comparison.

Optional: Select this additional service, the insurer for items in the vehicle comes up, if they have been damaged or stolen. Tip: Be sure whether optional accessories is possibly already covered in a tariff if you compare car insurance.

Passenger / driver accident insurance: It protects passengers and driver in an accident. Usually, it is superfluous, because for inmates already the liability of the driver, while the latter at a general accident insurance provides better value for money.
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